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Female Feticide

a poem by Smridhi

I could have been your pride,
But I died before my birth,
It must have not been easy for you to kill me,
But the fact is that now I am a carcass,
Didn’t you ever dream for my future,
Wasn’t that painful for you to chuck me out of your body as if I was a rotten part of you,
Why did you scrub me down?
Didn’t you ever have compassion for me,
They say I am god’s most beautiful creation
Then why like a buzzard you finished me,
Merely because I would have not been your male child,
But I was your child- a part of you,
Didn’t you even give a single thought before doing this inhumane act to me?
Are you not scared of law or your god?
Do you actually expect the world to move on without eves?
Are you actually unaware of the fact that daughters are assets?
Make this world a better place and give your daughters equal chance to prove their worth.