Poems by
Smitha Sukumaran


a poem by Smitha Sukumaran

Relationships, the backbone of life,
But are they sincere now a days?

Sons and daughters forgetting their duties,
Sending their parents to “sadanams’.
Parents who suffocate their children,
To see them fulfill their own dreams.

Mothers who kill their children inside the womb,
Mother-in-laws who burn the life of their daughter-in-laws,
Fathers who use their own daughters for sex,
Brothers and daughters who kill each other for wealth.

Masters who forget the purity of master-disciple relationships,
Friends never in deed when in need,
Romeo’s and Juliet’s who forget each others love and passion,
Husband’s and wife’s who cheat each other.

Though the life full of insincere relationships,
I am always hoping and longing for sincere relationships.