Poems by
Smita Prasad

Sounds of Silence

a poem by Smita Prasad

Twilight passes, night in inky blue sweeps,
Chaperoned by lone, loneliness heaps,
As thoughts of thee dauntingly creep,
Silently doth the heart weep.

In silence, doth come slumber deep,
Only to leave when thou kiss my cheek,
Trembling in beatitude leaves Lady Sleep,
Alas, fluterring eyes silently see the burlesque streak.

Silence then stirs emotions past,
Bringing in resplendent beauteous moments,
But then it reminds of the fleeting season it last,
Oh! in turmoil doth the bosom lament.

Thou has gone the way of the tempest breeze,
Nevertheless the heart believes in thy return peace,
With a broken heart I wait here for thee,
Allegiance to thy love I silently keep.

Silence brings in the altar of the Almighty,
Hope struggling to shine through the dark,
Dear God, dispel the darkness of this calamity,
With thy blessings may his love embark.