Poems by
Sivasundari B

Wear a Bright Smile

a poem by Sivasundari B

Fashion sets the world afire
   winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.
Taste and finesse to the pyre
   fancied name tag has a ball.

Christian Dior sets a trend
   the girls in India lap it up!
Cochin to Calcutta, from end to end
   the style doth rage, all-a gallup.

It’s ‘in’ to have a mud pack
   and to have your face dyed.
It’s ‘in’ to paint your lips black
   suits you or not, join the big ride.

Once upon a time, in bygone days
   ‘twas right to look good, but that wasn’t all.
Wear a bright smile, the code book says
   sincere and straight, you’ll stand tall.

Parallels or bermudas, chudithar or saree
   drape yourself well with selfless love.
On trivia and tinsels, why do you tarry
   life is too precious, ain’t it by Jove?