Poems by
Sivakumar V

To live with my Mind

a poem by Sivakumar V

I have reasons to feel proud of you, oh my dear mind;
you’re my most prized possession and indeed I’m gifted
As you’ve e’er held my head so high and ne’er drifted
From the righteous path, even at times, so testing & unkind…
You reign with a ‘spirit’ and rule as a ‘Mentor’ – highly refined…
Moulding my life into a meaningful exercise; I’m uplifted
By the Divine connections, which you’ve rightly inherited
From the vast expanse of my spiritually rich ancestral bind!
But tell me why, oh mind, do you get so much addicted,
To the transitory pleasures from my senses just as you ease out…
From the relentless pressures of my mundane life – all self-inflicted?
Could it be of a curse in my fate or just a casual turn about
Of your naturally capricious exhibit? why? Pray explain…
So that, I learn to live a Noble life, with you than to fall – character – slain!