Poems by
Sisir Kumar

Journey to Office

a poem by Sisir Kumar

I close my eyes pretending sleep,
Cogs and wheels churning endlessly
In the mind’s desolate land.

One more day of trudge and drag,
Ailing wife’s advice and plaints
Ears ringing in impeding deafness.

My fellow commuters of myriad mien,
Of stone-eyed, sleepy or bored drudgery
Some grinning false for the woman beside.

I try reasoning, fail, silently chant the GAYATRI
Ruminating and ruing that thing I am
Life’s pink dreams blotched and pungent

The dreadful mousetrap of unholy jargon,
Slower than my thought weary of the day
Jolts to a halt and I stumble out.

One more day of trudge and drag!