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Silent Dreamer

Shattered Dreams

a poem by Silent Dreamer

Shattered Dreams ’01 – A final poem for Vanessa

A love once shown with pure happiness and felicity now totally destroyed
But surely I will never forget the wonderful times we shared and enjoyed
We have come to the end of the road and it’s time for me to let you go
Our feelings for each other were always so high but now they’ve departed down low
You were the one I gave my heart to and you filled it with pure infernal betray
And that harsh pain that you brought to my heart is something that will never go away
You sounded so sure about what you always wanted to get done and have achieved
So I believed you, but the outcome came out to show that I had been deceived
Everything I ever gave and everything you ever gave was all thrown away
You diminished everything and turned all my beautiful skies into a sickness shade of grey
I’ll forgive but never forget what you did to me and what pain you brought against me
You said that you would never hurt me
But you did me wrong and no longer will you ever set me free
I never want to have anything to do with you and I no longer want you in my life at all
You’ve brought me so much pain, but through everything I keep my head up and stand tall
From now on I’ll be perfectly fine without you and I will move on happily without you
You are no longer a lover, a friend, nor a person to me, and what you are I have no clue
You destroyed the image you once displayed to me, and though funny it seems
The road we once were on, just led up to the doors of my Shattered Dreams.