Poems by
Siddhartha Chatterjee

Black Blood

a poem by Siddhartha Chatterjee

Free the paining soul from the earthly bondage,
You are destiny’s child, not a bird in a cage,
With black blood running in your veins,
And a yelling heart throbbing in your brain,
Cigarette filters adorn the grey ash-tray,
An album of ‘Black Sabbath’ on your table, to
Devil you pray,
Holy minds – you disdain with fear,
In your own mind, you want peace but your thoughts jeer,
Running spirits, unholy tears,you take a peek in you,
No place in your heart for beauty, no place for the morning dew,
Life is a horrifying bloodstain on the milky-white floor,
You see blood, you see the devil, you see
Yourself in the Dead Sea shore,
Life cuts life a knife, but that’s what you call joy
Its the brain-child of Satan, its hell’s own boy-
And then you see the darkening sun dawning
In your mind
You feel the black blood running in your veins, you
Feel the world’s so blind.