Poems by
Shruti S Rao

Salutation to Indian Jawans

a poem by Shruti S Rao

In the battlefields of Kargil and Drass
The places where shells swiftly pass
Amidst all apprehensions are the selfless guards
Who usher they are mother India’s wards.

Hats off to you our valiant ones
You are quick and alert with your guns
With cheers from loved ones and beloved wives
You march ahead to sacrifice your lives.

Forget they their entire near and dear ones
Make their parents proud of their sons
Protecting the country their solitary thought
For such noble cause they perish at enemy’s shot.

We dare not forget they are humans too
Who would enjoy watching a film or two
But to see the smiles on our face
Leave they for heaven with pride and grace.

We do nothing but shed a tear
We think of our lives and simply fear
The great Indian Jawans bold and gallant
We salute to thee oh ‘Godly Combatant’!