Poems by
Shona Manek

The Kaleidoscope

a poem by Shona Manek

A kaleidoscope of images, a riot of colour.
Shifting, changing at every turn of the wrist, life unfolding into a knotted twist.
From lust to love, as we gazed at the stars above,
Venus beckoning, as we walked hand in hand.
Looking for starfish on the sand.

A look, a glance, a secret joke, a smile that caught my heart when you spoke,
A challenge, an equal match of wits, which often ended up in laughing fits.
The sun was shining, the moon was blue, it was a beautiful Sunday when I was with you.
Colours washing, staining us, cascading over our head,
As we watch the colours blaze into a single colour Red.

Red the colour of passion, our signature colour,
Explosive, impulsive, raw intense heat.
Burning like a flame that is engulfing us,
Throwing shadows on the wall.
Leaving us breathless, gasping in the wonder of it all.

Inhaling the potent aroma of arousal,
Touching, feeling, more alive than ever before.
The hardness, the wetness, waking in our sleep,
Tender caresses, kisses so sweet,
The intensity overwhelming us, as our eyes meet.

Dancing a dance so primal, unable to stop.
Teasing yet serious as we take turns leading.
Always in control, now in helpless abandon, where are we heading?
Riding, entering, plunging slow and deep.
Taking and giving, wanting to weep.

The struggle within us, but the passion persists.
Total surrender, no strength to resist.
Cries in the darkness, soft gasps and moans,
My hair trailing your skin as your finger roams.
Shuddering, shaking, an earth shattering climax,
Baby, you are the best I’ve ever had.

Stillness of the mind, no other thought,
Just you and me, the rest we forgot.
We are what we are, like mirror images,
No words necessary, as our thoughts are one.
Binding us together before the day is done.

A bond between two in some unexplainable way,
The world spins around us as we escape in our bubble for a day.
Where no one disturbs us, letting us play.
The searching, the yearning, the void somehow filled.
The restlessness inside us finally stilled.

Like carefree children, we climb our rainbow,
Unheeding of the dangers of falling.
For we, who seek adventure, excitement is calling.
Days sprinkled with laughter, nights full of pleasure,
The warmth of love, cascading over us, basking in its radiant glow.

The world too picture perfect, the calm before the storm.
One slip and the world can come crashing down on us, causing harm.
Reality. Stark, tense and traumatic, inflicting pain,
Hitting us, like a cold winter chill,
The summer is over, the seasons have changed.

Shattered fragments, desperately putting the pieces together again.
Gathering the shards and slivers, fixing them with glue.
A shattered picture, will the cracks ever heal?
Only time will tell,
Yet we cannot help but feel.

Delink, disconnect is the only answer, look back at what we have gained.
Our paths like two lines from a single point, never to cross again.
A fresh start like a rising dawn, we hold onto each other finding the strength to go on.
The power within us if we reach in to find it, the power of love is the strongest of all.
We need to tap it, to make it work, to give us the stability not to fall.
Let the love flow, taking us in the direction we need to go.

As I drive away, watching the milestones flashing past,
Everything like a magical dream, it could never last.
Wide awake, but unable to see, the very road as it stretches for miles ahead of me.
My vision blurred, like looking through a window in the rain,
Wondering why I am feeling the pain.

Steeling myself, blinking, trying to see the guiding light ahead of me.
There is no hurt, no wound on the surface, but how does one feel when a limb is severed?
A part of me, a part of you is gone,
Like a piece is missing,
Words from a song we once heard.

The torn pages of a book, of a love that was doomed from the start,
But who are we to control matters of the heart.
God ordains, destiny decides, wishes are granted,
Things fall into place,
Someone is watching, taking care of us, listening to the prayers that I have chanted.

Love flows like a river with an uncharted course,
Rippling gently, smoothening even the hardest of rocks.
Rushing into rapids that take you with their sheer force,
It throbs inside us like the blood in our veins,
A time will come when we can hold its reins.

We look back on the memories we treasure,
The gold and the diamonds are mine forever.
I count my blessings one by one, like a strand of pearls gleaming in the sun.
Timeless, ageless, from the bottom of the sea,
I am always with you as you are with me!!.