Poems by
Shobhan Agarwal


a poem by Shobhan Agarwal

Walking down the path,
Against the fading light;
I thought I had walked enough,
Into the chilling darkness of the night;

Suddenly came a joint,
Just when I wanted to stay;
Showing me infinite directions,
A bouquet of flowers- on a empty tray;

Walking down the countryside,
I saw a wooden sign;
Pointing to the various skies,
Were the boards, all in line;

He knew he had travelled afar;
But now he had to slow down,
For sometime to know the path,
For somehow to know when to turn around;

Don’t know where the winds are heading,
Don’t know where to start;
Don’t know when life may change,
Don’t know how long will it last.

Wonder where the way is leading,
Wonder which path to take…
But I gotta decide fast…
before I realise its too late

Dreams come and go,
Few of them last…
The ship is sailing in the seas
guided by the flying mast…

In comes the fog
to divert it away…
it will clear eventually…
hopes fly; every day

From this time of the sailors life;
thinks about the unknown ‘morrows
excited to sail the great seas
mixtures of joys and sorrows

He is well trained
in the skills required
he wants experience and fun;
A burning cannon; waiting to be fired…

Every day the sun comes out
Every day the night begins…
Every time the watch strikes twelve
He hears the cuckoos sing

Finally, reality strikes;
The ship is on its mission,
The crossroads of life,
will ask for a final decision…

The crossroads in the path,
Give him a choice to take;
The crossroads give him time to think,
Of the differences he could make;

The crossroads give him alternatives,
Failures he could forget;
Of prizes and rewards that came his way,
And plans that he met;

Standing on the crossroads,
He smiled as if to say;
“Life – here I come again,
Tomorrows – a brand new day.”