Poems by
Shivshankar A


a poem by Shivshankar A

Waving my thoughts
You are the lone one
I can’t cry
I can’t remain to see you
I am discovering my trail back home
Show me the way my lady

I want to be free like the bird
Flow free like the brook down the valley
Reminiscent of liberty
But alas I am tied down
I am weary
I am still discovering my trail
A trail unto you

I am treading
Braving the tempest
Meeting the first clouds of rain
I got to run
Yet another run
Coz I am finding my trail

I want to know what’s happening
Want to know what you mean to me
My fears are coming round
My qualms growing
I can’t help pushing my limits
I’ll soon be worn-out

A lost prayer I must say
To you oh beholder
I am finding my way back
To the same place I was born
An irony it is
I am lost
Coz I have lost her
Show me my trail…