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Together Forever

a poem by Shilpa

They lay still one the ice
Enveloped in an embrace tight
Unaware of chaos all around
People gathering to surround

Screaming eyes and muffled screams
Nothing can shatter their dreams
They look happy and contented
People think they still pretended

They had been thru’ awful times
Had undergone many a tests
People tortured, insulted and abused
Not letting them to rest

They had to fight all insane voices
That said they belonged to different classes
They were kept apart bound and isolated
Threatened to be killed if they violated.

Their love was true
They decided to fight the stage
They decided to escape
The society’s rage

They started to leave the country,
With their love as the only pleasantry
They walked whole night never stopping
Holding each other and sobbing

Neither of them spoke they were too afraid
Someone would wake up, hearing what they said

At dawn they saw the border
Their hearts let out a shudder
New hope ran thru’ their souls
They ran together as fast as they could

But just when there were a few steps short
Bullets tore thru’ their hearts
Alas the cruel society’s ways
Had denied them union in their lives
But still failed to separate them
From the tight embrace which held them.