Poems by
Shibu George

Have I seen life

a poem by Shibu George

Have I seen this beautiful morning
Have I seen this wonderful life woven for me
The sweet music of birds and the fresh youth inside me
Fascinating creatures along my way
Stops to wonder what they feel, I hope to run along with them everyday
But then the mind of wicked stirs and makes you wonder why
Like a ripple in the calm waters stirs the whirlpool that drags you under
Have I seen the simple ones, how they are so complicated
By means of fraud they survive, as a child’s mind they need everything
Have I seen this moment of truth, that makes my heart cry in despair
Have I seen this strength of mine, breaking out from the waves of solitude
And then you look around to see the things you can rebuild
Among the chaos, emerging as a white dove, trying to build a nest of love
Have I seen my life or have I seen somebody worse
Have I seen hunger when souls give up in famine and poverty
Have I seen pain when sufferings torment them indeed
Have I seen poverty when animals live without clothes
Have I seen weakness around when ants build their home
Have I seen this wonderful life, life from my own eyes.
This wonderful life, made just for you from your love.