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a poem by Shia

Life is sometimes a dragging pool of thoughts
creeping moments into listless hours of drowsiness
images merging in the whirlpool of thoughts
thundering against a tired mind
tired in all endeavour

Life is sometimes a tiring adventure
radiating to a false, aimless egos
deceiving and deluding in its path
witness to a fatal experiment, fragment of the past
unending journey with no success

Life is sometimes a battle for life
fighting till the end
loses and wins here seems just a part
a false end, only to continue
in its own venture

Life is sometimes a merry go round of eternal joy
happy moments into listless hours of celebration
a carnival, framed into a spectrum of moods, fantasy of love

Life is sometimes a testimony of tears
a gamble with emotions
a garbage of the soul
pearls of remorse
fossilised in depth to pour out
marking its adventure in this betrayed soul
only to reincarnate to the next in the row