Poems by
Shell Bell


a poem by Shell Bell

I shook as I took that long trip.
I thought of how my dad would flip.
I couldn’t believe I was here.
Oh how my mind was filled with fear.

I went on in and picked the one.
As he got ready with the gun.
He sat me down in a big chair.
As he explained, you’ll feel a tear.

He turned it on and what a sound.
That’s when my heart started to pound.
For it was loud and very scary.
Goosebumps rose and made me weary.

And oh so quick, I felt the pain.
I knew at once I was insane.
For the poking was frequent and fast.
And it felt like time would never pass.

After a while, it went numb.
Scary thought of how it would look dumb.
The buzzing stopped. Down went the gun.
Wow! That is it? I am all done.

I turn and see it in the mirror.
It wasn’t at all like I feared.
It was red from being real new.
Not that bad for my first tattoo.