Poems by
Shashi Krishna

In love with a shadow

a poem by Shashi Krishna

To make a start more fun than intriguing,
A laughter in the crowd, that rang so clear,
The place of solace that he was seeking,
Stood awaiting him comfortably near.

Across the pine-serrated sky above,
Shines a light that lifts his heart and soul,
Mocking his whirlpool of hate and love,
And for each passing day adds a new goal.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever,
He had heard someone say somewhere before,
Spell bound he sits at his heart’s corner,
Watching her look at him from behind the door.

Her essence fills his empty mind,
Spills over and disappears in his thoughts within,
He knows not anymore, what he left behind,
He thinks not anymore, about kith and kin.

A friend, a lover and a guide she is,
An emerging shadow that merges with his own,
Charmingly lethal, cunningly divine,
His world now revolves in her time zone.

Two souls that exist in different worlds,
Are now together under an unreal sky,
What binds them? He knows not nor cares,
What holds them? He has stopped wondering why.

Days roll on and so does time,
Cutting through like a double-edged knife,
As he sits down and tells her so much, but,
Always forgets to say “Thanks for coming into my life.”