Poems by
Shanmuga Priya C


a poem by Shanmuga Priya C

A world which finds joy in things not created by God
Shrinking its mind to a nuts shell
A world which is networked for sharing thoughts and logic
But never to share love.
Competing and thriving for better and better things
Never leaving neighbours to leap in
A world where natural things seems unnatural
And unnatural seem natural
A cyber world, which replaces man by machines
And man become machine-like
A world of machine, which never feel, and machines which don’t love
A world which has neither concern nor humanity
A world which finds no time either a word or a look,
Will we stand forever in such a shrinking land,
Let the universe be networked for peace and harmony
Let us not leave our love or concern
Our humanity and our sympathy
Let us remain bonded with love,
For that will bring back heaven on earth
And beauty and joy will fill our hearts.