Poems by
Shalet Maben

Life… In this world!!

a poem by Shalet Maben

A Child is born with a smile so tender
From the cherishing womb of the mother;
Enters the world bringing flowers
Of happiness and endless pleasure!
On and on goes the time…
The child slowly understands
The worldly innocence and bitter crime!!
She tries to grow high and high
But there follows her destiny…
She tries to find friends
In this merciless world of trends,
Who soothe her for a while…
But again follows her, the time so adversary
Her friends also move away
Still she fights her fate
And tries to gain pace…
Yet another friend comes to her
Who desires to move along with her,
Her days of happiness starts
And that of pain departs!!
Thus she learns.that life is…
A combination of flowers and thorns!!