Poems by
Shahira Akhter

Love – An Aching Melancholy

a poem by Shahira Akhter

Love is nothing but a beauteous passion,
sustained by a sense of reliance.
a blind emotion which leads to gloom,
for beatitude and contentment, there is just no room.
Its an engagement between two distinct souls,
but always ends up in doubts and woes.
Its a stage of temporary mutual attraction
which seldom gives long lasting satisfaction.
Hours wasted in bootless imaginations
or simply in long futile conversations.
At the end of the day, effects that remain
are full of unlimited misery and pain.
Because finally the possessors of these hearts
choose totally diverse paths.
And by the time they realize this fact,
its too late ‘cause love’s already had an impact.
So my friends, I do hope you’ll realize
that love is not some first class prize.
Its an emotion intense and has results unknown,
but mind you later, don’t weep and groan.