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I can’t forget you

a poem by Shabana

I think I had admired you,
But before you had broken my heart
I think I had craved you
But before you had torn me apart
I had loved you like an ice cream
But you had melted me with the heat
I had pretended to be a princess
But I knew you were not my prince
‘Heart we will forget him
You and I tonight
You must forget the warmth he gave
I’ll forget the light.’
Oh! no no no I can’t do this
Even if you have left me
There’s still a beam of light,
For we will be together in eternity
My love for you is as red as blood
It can never change its hue
Our love is a bouquet of flowers
Sunflower is gone but roses are still left
The sea may dry
The flowers may fade
You may forget me
But how can I?