Poems by
Seema Tripathi

Money Mantra

a poem by Seema Tripathi

Abra-ka-Dabra Dabra-ka-choo
Let’s see what money power can do

It can bring you comfort… it can bring you fame
It can earn you a Status… it can earn you a name

It can make you sit in a luxury car
And make you buy a diamond ring
Money has such great power my friend…
It can even make a Crow sing

You can buy whatever you want
Name it and you can have it
And if there is something you are not able to get
Money will help you grab it

Money will attract people to you
You will be surrounded by many
They will be all your well-wishers
Wonder if there will be friends… any…

You will command respect in the world
But it will be for your wealth…
And in the heat of your fortune
Many a hearts will melt

You will see Men turn to dogs… Licking your feet…
They will be happy no matter which way to them you treat
For such is the magical power of money
You will be greeted even by the unknown man on the street

This world is a market place my friend
Or so you will learn along the way
As nearer and nearer you get to money
The farther your true friends will move away

In this world where everything has a value
There are a few things money can’t buy
No magic can help you get it
No matter how much you try

You cannot buy Love my friend
You cannot buy feelings
For they aren’t a commodity or a product
Nor are they any business dealing

You will long for a good night sleep
You will long to relax
For your mind will be so busy to find a way
How to evade the income tax

Your children will long for a glimpse of you
And a moment they can talk to you
For you will be running in the mad race for money
While all they would long for, will be a small walk with you

We need money I admit
But not at the cost of happiness
Love will make you truly happy
While lots of money will bring sadness

You will achieve everything
Yet at the end of it you will have nothing

So now my friend you know
What money can do?
And if you want to lead a Happy and Contented life
Never say ‘Abra-ka-Dabra Dabra-ka-choo’