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a poem by Savitha

It had been a long night,
Darkness had engulfed life.
There seemed to be no light,
Love and joy had vanished from life.
Life was no longer life…

Then one day…
I stood beside the silent sea,
trying to see what I thought I’d never see;
Across the dark sky, I tried to find that light…

But in vain…
I looked all around,
but there seemed to be no light.

My soul was tattered,
hope was shattered.
I told myself
“Without the light I’ll learn to live”.
I was about to leave.

Just then,just then…
I saw a small flickering light.
Across the hills, across the seas,
But I saw a flickering LIGHT.

It was but a flickering light;
But to me, it seemed so bright.
It made me feel life was right,
and everything was yet so bright.

It was indeed that flickering light,
which taught me what life was worth;
Now, the light is always in sight,
Love and joy are my might,
Everything seems right and bright,
And I owe it all to that light!