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To My Love

a poem by Savio

It was the first time I met you,
that I felt I found what,
I was searching for.
A dear friend who I can
always count on
at all times.

It is that feeling I get,
when I am with you.
It just seems impossible to capture in words,
those feelings that I have for you.
That is the strongest feeling that,
I have ever had about anything.

Yet when it comes to telling you or
even writing it to you,
the words do not even begin to touch
the depths of my feelings.

Although I cannot explain the essence of,
these phenomenal feelings
I have for you.

It’s when I am with you, it is as if
everything that is beautiful surrounds us.
A very small part of how
wonderful I feel when I am with you.

May be the word ‘love’ was invented to explain
the deep, all encompassing feelings,
that I have for you.