Poems by
Saurabh Kejriwal

A smile on lips… a tear in my eye…

a poem by Saurabh Kejriwal

With a smile on my lips,
a tear in my eye,
I watch her go far,
I can guess not why.

For all the times we have shared,
laughed, cried and cared,
even if we were just friends,
and faced together many bends,
something there is that has taken her away-
to a point of no return
may be that’s the way,
I cannot or dare not complain,
for what she is doing is far more important.

I wonder if she realises, that she has walked far
I am left behind, and it is forgotten who we were.

I am happy for her,
sad for my solitude:
but what she is doing,
it’ll do her plenty good;
then I look at myself
and think-who am I to complain:
for I am just a friend-
and you can always make new friends again.

Was it really there,
or was it my imagination:
smiles, secrets, tears,
those wonderful moments;
“the past is immutable” they say.
The future-like clay
to be molded every day.
Is this really true?
‘Cause if I could- I would bring my only friend back:
‘Cause if I could- it would be just like that:
past and present would intermingle.

Who am I in her life?
A grain of sand,
a wisp of autumn leaf-
or not even that.
God!! Help me save my sanity!!

Make her feel good, even if I am bad:
let her go to her calling, away from my head:
may be I am too selfish:
I can guess not why,
a smile on my lips,
a tear in my eye.