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Towards Life, Towards Facts!!!

a poem by Saurabh

A born baby feels, what is life?
Is it empty or is it live?
Passing years make it realize
That life involves joy, laughter and sighs.
Still older eyes come to know,
That everyone has bad times, grief and woe.
As time flies, the innocent heart says,
That life is to enjoy, these are the joyful days.
A still matured brain suggests,
That this is the time when everyone struggles, no one rests
Not long does his mind take to prompt,
That it’s time to marry, to become romantic and soft.
The married head soon faces the fact,
That solitude is best and repents the foolish act.
An experienced father believes
That life was never so fast and needs so many.
The grandfather gathers happiness,
But feels sad that what will remain of him is so less.
White hair, denture and a stick in hand
Make him realize that he is nearer to his end.
Until he is drowned in the sea of death, the doom final
He was mortal but his memories became immortal!
Then the universal fact, he comes to know,
That everyone who has come, has to go!