Poems by
Sathish Kumaar G.

Our Good Old Class of Ten

a poem by Sathish Kumaar G.

Our dear old class of ten
It’s as good as gold
But sometimes we are naughty
Then we are told

Hari is our monitor
A little better than a maneater
Prathap and Pramod are a pair of twins
Who are very much like like pins

Savitha is sensitive
says Shubra who is creative
Prabhu Anand is unruly
Says Srikanth who is a bully

Bala is studious while
Radhika is melodious
Veena is gracious says
Vijay who is ferocious

Mala is talkative says
Lakshmi who is plaintive
G Sathish is a pet
says Muthiah who is a pest

M S Satish is a rat while
Sanjay Sahoo is a cat
There is another Sanjay
whose hair is all curled

And though he is a boy
He very much resembles a girl
Saraswathi is very simple says
Shoba who has a dimple

Abhay has a pimple says
Rajesh who is inflexible
Rajan who’s a lanky says
Anjali who has a neat hanky

Vinayak is always sleepy says
Suresh who is yappy
Gigi is an athlete says
Prasanna who loves to eat

And Chocki (Chockalingam) is serious says
Srilakshmi who is delirious
Hyma is a Tall(y) while
Venkat is playfully troll

Our class teacher Mrs. Vasantha
Is very very sweet
But never spares us on holidays
which is not the way to treat

And so this is our dear Ol’ Class of Ten
Of children thirty three
who are as noisy as
A jing bang lot of ninety three