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You’re Special, Diamond

a poem by Sathish

Of you, Diamond, I’m going to speak
I’m finding you’re very unique
It really is true
There’s no one like you

To you, Diamond, I’m giving a rhyme
In Deep Inside The you live most the time
You’re pretty and fine
And simply divine

To hear more, just follow our chime
You’re colourful, please have no doubt
I see in a crowd you stand out
You’re uncommon as gold
Exquisitely bold

You’re really a striking knock-out
From Georgia to Kalamazoo
There’s no one as special as you
You’ve got class, you’ve got punch
You stand out from the bunch
In all of the things that you do

You’ll never fade into the crowd
Your appearance can sometimes be loud
You’re the colourful kind
A very rare find
So striking we can’t help be wowed!

You’re not just like one of the rest
You’re certainly one of the best
You’re special for reasons
That last through the seasons
With you, I am really impressed