Poems by
Saroshh Patel


a poem by Saroshh Patel

Diamonds! The very name conjures up visions of delight,
Diamonds! Oh Diamond ,unique thy place in the realm of gems,
With thy dazzling shafts of light,
Men down the ages have risked their lives charmed by your glitter and glitz,
To acquire and safeguard this prized possession which means big biz,
Varied in size, shape and colour,
Each a paragon of beauty,
Little wonder people get bowled over.
A status symbol many can ill afford,
They patronised by the affluent horde,
In the crown of a monarch or a deity,or in a bridal finery,
The diamonds stand out supreme with their shine and sheen.
Marriage alliances are made and unmade,
The diamonds command the match-fixing trade.
From the bowels of the earth,
To the bosoms of the queen,
Marvels of nature from the times in immemorial they have been.
Their appeal will lessen is never,