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Spring Flower

a poem by Saravanan

Eyes of a dancer and face of a queen
Presence emanating grace and sheen
Brows that lead a dance ensemble
Falling hair on forehead makes kingdoms fall.
Lips of a lover and smile of a mother
Shape of a wife, hugged in her arms
As cotton sprawls across her tender bosom.
Thou shalt not dance to these dogs
I call a verse said by a just god
Who was tied but not cowed by frightful song.
Such webbed thoughts make me smile
For I wonder at her eyes that escape
Being locked with mine in shy restrain.
She may be a world away from my grasp
This not being the first time, ain’t surprised.
I choose that which is impossible
That intensity that none other could give
As melodies unheard steal hearts still.
How strange that I knew from start
When she uttered words of thought
Puzzling intentional of a life she wrought
Where work was valued but not bought?
How strange I knew, what she was!