Poems by
Sanjeevi Prasad

It was You…

a poem by Sanjeevi Prasad

When I couldn’t look at girls eye-to-eye
When I couldn’t talk to girls without feeling shy
Someone took the initiative to talk to me
From then on I could talk to girls feeling free
It was You…

When I thought I can’t write my exams first year
‘Cos I felt I didn’t have enough time and had fear
Someone told me ‘You can do it’
Don’t worry a bit
It was You…

When my close friend and mentor died
And my confidence went on a steep slide
Someone was there to help me out
And kept my motivation from going out
It was You…

Now I feel between us a distance
Though I think of you at all instants
Is that distance physical?
Or is it emotional?
Someone can answer that
And I’m sure
It will be You…