Poems by
Sanjeevi Prasad


a poem by Sanjeevi Prasad

Few know what is true love
And very few know how to truly love.
Love is the deepest feeling
It has miraculous powers of healing.
Where there is love there is trust
So Friendship will never rust.
Love is something you can never buy
This is something you can’t ever try.
It comes from a pure open heart
And it pours out never being short.
God is love, love is God
When God is with you life is never hard.
When you love, you live and laugh
Then true friends will also laugh, they never move off.
Love means to be in with friends even in trouble
And you still will be there even if trouble is double.
A man who always loves in his life
Will surely get a true loving wife.
So love, live and laugh
And do not ever bother to stop.