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The Gift of Friendship

a poem by Sangeetha

Friendship can be thought of as a tiny bubble
Held by the delicate fingers of a child
So soft and tender, yet with
An inner strength of its own
Glistening and glowing in the sunlight
Reflecting the colors of the rainbow
This iridescent orb of beauty
Nurtured by love and goodwill
Warmed by understanding and affection
Grows into a deep rooted feeling of the heart

So many are the bubbles that blow past
Some to hold, some to last, some to love
Some to burst if left uncared for
Some to be treasured throughout life
Astonishing is the magic of the bubbles
This wonderful Gift of Friendship given by God
To catch, to hold, to feel, to share,
To treasure, to enjoy, to love, to admire and
To help all sail the stormy sea of life