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Remembering you

a poem by Sandipa

I see you in the blush of dawn
I see you in the dewey morn
I see you in thee birds that fly
In the changing hues of the sky

I hear your voice call out to me
In the whispering wind, the roaring sea
Cajoling with the pattering rain
Gurgling and murmuring with the river’s refrain

I smell you in the flowers that bloom
In the rheumy air of monsoon
You are the fragrance of every cherub
You’re the flavour from that myrtle shrub

You are the sweetness of every fruit
The succulence of every stem and root
The sharpness of a spicy morsel
The taste that only victory can spell

I feel your presence by my side
Palm in mine you match my stride
You keep me warm on a winter’s day
You are the breeze keeping summer at bay

Then why do I keep waiting for you?
I have to accept this as true
That whatever is destined has to be
It is better this way – you’re always with me