Poems by
Sanal Kumar


a poem by Sanal Kumar

Oh! My gracious lady,
You are the sweetest flower
In the grove of my heart.

Tell me with what magical power you attract me?
Is it with your comeliness, or
Some other power.
You fill all my life with full of fragrance,
Without you can I think of another life.

To praise your features
Those starry eyes of you I would always looking at,
Those rosy lips of yours
I would always be kissing.
Beside your sweet voice
Like a sweet music
Fill my heart with full of ecstasy
My life is futile
Without you.

I wait for you
Like that parched earth
Waiting for the touch of first rain drops,
I wait for you like that black night wait the arrival of full moon
I wait for you
Come soon
Because, my life is Sunless with you.