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I’m there

a poem by Sammy

Mom, why can’t you understand that I’m there always?
Why do you share only your happiness, mom?
Why can’t you share your sorrows?
Why do you feel no one cares?
You are our mother and we definitely do care!
You love to see us happy but why don’t you realise we want to see you happy too?
I understand you are tired, exhausted and lack the enthusiasm you had a few years ago.
But why?
Why can’t that enthusiasm come back mom?
Why can’t we have the same jovial, energetic, the ever smiling mother we had?
Let me tell you this mom- Whatever be the case,
Whatever be the problem- I’m there always by your side.
Don’t feel lonely mom, I’m your daughter and I will prove my word.
I’m there mom. I’m there.