Poems by
Samm Statt

Rhyme that’s Hypnotic

a poem by Samm Statt

I want to write a poem but can’t think of a title
And I know I can’t start coz that’s what is vital

I try writing stories but can’t think of a plot
So this makes two that I am not good at.

I try blaming myself for nothing I can do
But there it goes again and I find something I can actually do

So now I have decided that I won’t try anything more
So now I try to not to try anymore

Oh!! I am confused I really am
But I am hard as a rock and sweet as jam

I write like a kid in a weird rhyming scheme
But if you see my eyes they are full of dreams.

I dream of something and don’t just let it go
I follow it till in the size they grow

I have got a lot in my life and the same
It’s full of wonders, surprises, lights and fame.

Oh! now I think I can write a topic
Its a poem with rhyme that’s hypnotic