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a poem by Samira

Symbol of glory
You hold your head high
You stand out like the bright evening star
In a clear, summer night’s sky

Clear and crisp
You are cut hard and dry
A direct glance at your brilliance
Would drive the naked eye blind

For you are the elegance
Every being desires
The very definition of eloquence
For which one’s heart tires

You are but,the majesty
The jewel in the crown
The mist of a flaming fire
The deep,shallow thrill
In which the mind is drowned

Whether a solitaire
Or a ten-fold choker
You are noticed far and wide
From every niche and corner

Envied by those, whom
Of your honour are deprived
You break hearts a million
Though, you touch with your presence

But, more than one life
For you are the lady
Who knows beauty and is so fine
The lady for whom
Every young heart would pine

You are the diamond
So elegant and fair
Exists no such beauty
Neither would it dare

For all forms of refinement
You represent standing alone
You are the eight wonder
It is you alone

You are the lady
Who never says never
That is forever