Poems by
Sajid Qureshi

Cherished Moment!

a poem by Sajid Qureshi

These moments,
only my best friend in this world,
Mamta, can understand.

The eve was raining,
The wind’s were breezing past,
I held her hand in mine,
Coz’ of rain the flower’s were falling from the pine.

I insisted her to puddle in rain,
She kept on saying ‘insist me not, I won’t its all in vain’,
But we ran together in the rain.

Star’s from the sky were staring at us,
Even the kid’s and the grownup’s from the bus.
My Grandmother is one of the numerous star,
Her blessings are always with me even though she is so far.

I realised she felt like a little kid,
Secured in arms of someone whom she trust,
Coz’ of rain her face was glowin’ like an angel,
Her watery eyes full of innocent lust.

But I swear of God, I felt sad,
Coz’ of me her books were in a condition so bad.

But she never complained,
That’s the real beauty of her,
Which makes her stand apart,
And that’s where I felt her LOVE in my heart.