Poems by
Sairavi Suribhotla

My Wish

a poem by Sairavi Suribhotla

Long long ago I made a friend,
lots of time with whom I blend and spend,
you know, our friendship has no end,
whatever he does is a new trend.

He is so decent,
at the same time very innocent,
he saves every cent,
and always spoke in a sweet accent.

He loved a dame,
she is hot like a flame,
only God I blame,
I had none like her and it was a shame.

They got married in the dome,
spent honeymoon at Rome,
when they are back, they built a beautiful home,
and the couple set an epitome.

Oh God, I wish I find a beautiful miss,
who would make my life a bliss,
with just one little kiss,
and marry me, so that I shall have a beautiful family like his,
and for honeymoon, I want to go to Swiss.