Poems by
Sagar Kumar

A Past for my Future

a poem by Sagar Kumar

‘Hello life! How are you?’
Life looks back at me, smiles,
Shakes its head innocently,
And scratches it in various styles.

‘I am fine! Who are you?’
I look back amazed,
‘I am your child; don’t you remember?’
‘Oh! Yes…the child with its future erased?’

I catch its hand and look into its eyes,
‘Where is my future? Write it for me please.’
It gives me a strange look,
‘I will. But can I have your past please.’

Is a past necessary for a future?
I wonder, as life keeps making fun of me.
Clapping its hands with jovial ecstasy,
Saying, ‘Unfortunate being, past is there even for a bee.’

I forget my past.
Days of cleaning strange cars at the traffic light,
Smiling at unknown faces in the crowd,
And polishing their shoes with all my might.

Now I am a star.
Glittering in the sky above,
Nothing can stop me now,
Not even the deserted earth below.

Life smiles back and says,
‘Child, your future is the mirror of your past,
Nothing you do now will be forever with you,
Because past is the only thing that will last.’