Poems by
Sachin Yadav

The Prayer

a poem by Sachin Yadav

Oh! My Lord in Heaven,
I ask a simple question.
Why doth you made me so fragile?
That I can’t hold my heart tight.
It has lost its way,
In a pair of misty eyes.
And her eyes are mighty ocean,
Where several lovers have died.
Am I destined to be one of those?,
Yes! I am in love of course!!
Love makes life beautiful I think,
Not just in those tipsy eyes to sink!
Silence beholds my lips,
And courage levels slowly drip.
So I pray thee you my Lord,
Be my true friend, and convey a message
To my beloved who is as lovely as thee,
You have given me- A life,
But she has given a reason to live.
I love thee from my core,
But I am sorry, I love her more,
So please my Lord,
Knock her heart’s door.
Tell her, I am there,
Waiting endlessly since long,
To sing for her,
The most beautiful love song.