Poems by
Sachin Yadav


a poem by Sachin Yadav

Diwali brings a joy
On the faces of many,
Burning crackers
And an unending smoke…
Choked throats
And deaf ears
All the result
Of extra joy
We buy,
From nearby.

The ignoble me,
Just me and me,
Who tries to
search himself
“Perhaps I have lost
True Me”
Therefore.this Diwali
I will burn
Negative thoughts
Which envelope Me”
I will lighten my Heart
With people who love Me”
I will scratch of any tears
Which trouble my eye.
And to be honest,
I’ll try not to lie.
I think this will help
To make a better Me.
I will not run into crowds
For joy and fun.
But for a change,
I’ll look straight
To that Sun.
Who burns himself,
And thus radiant is the world,
‘Tis like that O Man,
Every being should become.
To light the lamp of humanity
And the heart, filled with Joy
That Day O Man,
I’ll be less self-centric
And will de-remember Me.