Poems by
Sachin Pushkarna


a poem by Sachin Pushkarna

When the world smiles, and I do what none likes,
Tell me this time would it be on same lines,
Cos I feel this one is worse than before but
It still is something, at least something,
Cos I try out aloud and I keep it all found
Its something, can I be something?
Towards the life of severe hard times
Enter the mind of rusted intertwined’s
You feel you worked out the way to be known
But when you fail at all times and you feel none finds
You doing something, you did something
Its worse than before but it sure is something more than something
At least its something,
To be heard out, and finally searched out for something
Can I be something?
Falling down alone to the way of interpose
Does it make sense or you feel its out of prose
At least its something,
Well is it something?
Cos I try out aloud and I feel you have a doubt
About it being something,
And when the world just rejects, the way your life met with something
And the time is all out and you know you want to surpass this something
Is it something?
Can I be something?