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The Longing

a poem by Sabiha

Years passed away,
And it had already become a tale, untold.
But still, the aroma was left, of her hope
Which made her fastened with,
The canvass of memories of her timeless love
And there, along the small sparking waves
She sat longing and waiting.

From the dawn of the white sky to the flooding crimson sky,
Till the night of the beautiful stars,
She sat unmoved, her eyes on the longing waves approaching the shore.
Thousands of hour glasses passed,
Thousands of sand castles were made and broken,
Amongst the sand that surrounded her.
Even the mermaids rose, to glance at her seaful eyes.
But so eternal was her love that,
She could wait till the end of eternity.

Her dreams, her realities deceived her,
Just as the distant welkin embracing the earth.
But she failed to understand,
Failed to put off the kindling flame of hope inside her,
Even if the same flame was burning her.

As the sun diverged itself into the endless depths of the rising waves,
Left behind was only the vestige of red glow.
Outlining in that glow sometimes passed by a ferry.
As it passed by, a low lonely strain beat the eardrums.
Some unknown voices calling out for their lost love.
The strain raised a tempest,
A tempest amongst the sea of her longing heart,
Longing for the dreams that long ago,
Were flowed away with the blue waves.