Poems by
Sabeela Masroor

It must be me!

a poem by Sabeela Masroor

Me and You , You and Me
I thought this was my destiny
As time went by, we drew apart
I realized we weren’t meant to be.

If this is true then I must accept
Move on with life, forget the rest
But pushing your thoughts is hard to do
That’s why my dear I’m leaving you.

If I could stop these tears today
And be more stronger in everyway
Had I not been so hard on myself
Then I wouldn’t be in control of someone else.

I wouldn’t care what happened to you
I’d still be living, but its not true
Coz every breath that I take,
Wishes that you’re successful and safe.

I wish I could say it in one go
I hate you forever, we can’t make it for sure,
You gave me pain, hurt me all through
I’ll live my life but, without you.

Breaking the bond, cutting the ties
Killing all love that lies inside
Shunning your memories,
Avoiding your thoughts,
But nothing works, I tried a lot.

Even though we’re not in it
I’m connected to you in tits and bits.
As confused as it can be,
Rather hopeless it must be me!