Poems by
Ruth Khanna


a poem by Ruth Khanna

In rapt intensity, we’d search the post twilight sky
and drink in the beauty of the moon,
Note its passage from delicate crescent and unwieldy gibbous to majestic fullness!
Reaching into each other’s souls through starlit ecstasy,
Sometimes we’d spy fireflies set a bush aglow,
And push through palm fronds with cupped hands to feel a pair of luminescent wings
Throb against our eager skin,
And then we’d feed each other off one plate
And feel the grasses cool against our bodies,
As we celebrated our oneness with the great outdoors!
Ah, but that was before we stumbled upon Cyberspace…
And lost ourselves in a cloud of bytes and chips.
Now I, abandoned, watch you excavate websites
While you, resigned, leave me to probe my soul in chat rooms!
The moon and stars left to poets and urchins,
We have submitted ourselves to the boundless realms of a Net,
Within which we stay trapped- frozen into an immobile pursuit of Information.
And so we sink deeper and yet deeper!
Drawn towards the infinite core- the intangible substance of a man made Web…
You at one end, me at the other,
Crying out voicelessly to each other in the echoing emptiness of