Poems by
Robb Milton

One man in the outfield

a poem by Robb Milton

I had my time in the spot light
and you had flown out of sight
I’d shoot the pilot
to see the plain go down in might

There is a time in every man’s life
and I’ve had plenty of them
where in which you came screaming
in the sight of disbelieving

Let the cards play
where the fall, duty call
see me at the finish
once you hit the passage
with another flip of the page

I curse the day I bled
but never could be lead
from the thought of you
without me, no clue

Pass the pepper over tea
only to see right though me
read me like an open book
first sight, no second look

To see a source full with hurt
but shall never be broken
bruised and borrowed
full of sorrow
only till tomorrow.