Poems by
Ritesh Nair

Somewhere, Somehow

a poem by Ritesh Nair

I watched a tear drop in your eyes,
I felt two roll down my cheek
To remind me of how it hurts,
When I hurt the ones I love
For the world seems a solemn place,
With out the ones I love
Dry, arid and deceitfully cold of hellfire.

I watched her walk away;
Felt my soul leave my body behind
For the one I love, those eyes,
I failed to stop a tear in them
Us and them they may say,
I’ll say you before me, omnipresent you always
For you hold me back in sanity,
In this abundance of life’s insanity

Of all that life has had to show,
It showed me a vision so sweet and serene,
To raise a storm of encumbered proportions,
Of my love towards all that you do to me,
I’ve been hurt and I’ve been lost
But not quite as I am in thoughts of you
So I await my hand outstretched,
Make my life complete and strong

I have been silly to not comprehend,
How much I can love, love you my dear
Some things that life brought in. with a storm
Sadness took away in a flash of lightening
I was blinded by that thunderbolt,
For you struck me where it hurts the most
Deep within my heart and soul
I long to hear your voice again

I could run away from myself once,
Fight my feelings that I have for you
I know I’ll lose and give into them for I love,
All that you do to hurt me to forget you,
I trust my soul in its rendition, the truth of what I feel
The truth of how I love you, and how much
For tomorrow you shall take on a new day,
Ignore all you feel I know you do for you are stronger.

I know though one thing for sure, that I will
For I know I cannot forget that I do,
I can never contemplate how much I feel
This love that that grows with each knife that you drive
Through this already knife riddled heart of mine
You are in every breath, every touch, every voice, every vision,
For you are all I think of…