Poems by
Rinu M Varghese

Engraved Tears

a poem by Rinu M Varghese

Leaving my eyes shimmering from unshed pain,
You paced out of my world turning me insane.

Like a crushed rose lie my withered heart,
Shattered by how well you played your part.

Having known no peace in my soul ever since,
Carving the vital presence that is yours, I wince.

How can I ever let you know of the raw scar
That was left behind in me as you went so far?

Having lost all hope, even my dreams, I fear.
Behind my every smile lurks an invisible tear.

Yours is the healing touch begged by my core,
And the warmth of presence I keep yearning for.

But all that, I know, is in plain, wretched vain,
For too far you have gone, to recognize my pain.

Happiness possibly glows today in your eyes,
As the world toasts you success in all and sighs.

My anguish will indeed never reach your heart,
Since in life never can the forgotten play a part.

And in the worst way, that, I have come to learn,
Even my existence was of yours no concern.

No one lost, as, for you no one I was I learnt.
But for me, it was my soul I recklessly burnt.

Yet again I implore you, against me, not to fight.
For what I felt was true and not to play, so light.

Though, when I say, proof for it I have nothing.
Believe me, it was you my heart crowned king.