Poems by
Rina Gupta

Saga of Diamond

a poem by Rina Gupta

Earth-borne Diamond
Dark-born splendour
Brilliant cut round
‘How I wonder’.

Many-sides affair
Cleaved neat sawn
Full-lust, covetous
Seized and worn.

Only a diamond
Cut diamond
Diamond byte
But diamond stand.

Diamond-hard nut
Last for life
Diamond bust cut
Diamond knife.

Black coal turned white
Heated full
Diamond hard bright
Stays white cool.

Diamond dark-born
Dark-grave origin
Astral price

Dark-born diamond
Star-gem splendour
Wistfull-see manned
‘No small wonder’.

Earth-borne diamond
Coal-field wonder
Epitome brilliant
Splendid splendour.

Diamond diamond
Dark-born gem
Meet for stardom

Cleveland cut sawn
Bruted round
Lustrous, covetous
Price-tag, sound.

Birth no hall-mark,
Value-based thing;
Astral full-spark
Fit for king

Dark-borne Marilyn
Stardom blow
‘Mid-summer’s night’s Dream’
Lime-light glow.

‘Kohinoor’ Indica
Ray- full bright’
Turbans change hand
‘Mound of light’.

‘Kohinoor’ Indica
Turbans change hand
Nadir Shah’s win.

‘Kohinoor’ Indica
Quick-wits, hands change
Nadir Shah’s round.

‘Kohinoor’ Indica
Heart-throb ‘Luv’
Till-date member
‘Sole-white’ pub

‘Kohinoor’ Indica
Eternal ‘Hope’
Say with diamond
Love to elope.

‘Full-bright’ -Prize-tag
‘All-bright splendour
Full-wit, neat-bag
Nadir Shah’s howler.
‘Kohinoor’, so dear
Full-bright mountain
‘Cullinan’-sans peer
Shoulder stress strain.
Dark-borne ‘Brilliant’
Black-death garden
Shorn-light radiant
Coal-field warden.

‘Diamond’-rich spoil
‘Newton’s mind
Cool-brain Newton
Stay full kind

‘Hopeful O ‘Kolar’
O ‘Kimberley’
Down went full-spur
Tree-full country.

Earth-born diamond
Coal-borne wonder
Cut-round brilliant
Astral splendour.

Star-gem diamond
Dark-born wonder
Gem meet, queen crowned,-
Full-star splendour

Fossilised bright star,
Coal field, pitch, tar,-
Dark-guild entry.

Charcoal carbon
‘Cymbal’ big ‘see’
Deep dank pit born,-
Forest-grave country.

‘Out me, stand ye-
Full-life pension
Capital carbon
Born high-tension.

‘I do love you-
Say with diamond’,
Bred-true, spread-hue
Hardest byte stand.

Diamond, diamond
Heart-throb hue
Present-perfect ten
Valentine blue.

Green-field ‘Alpha’
Astral ‘Omega’
Ground-truth thunder
Sparkling splendour.

Sordid past-butt,
‘Brilliant’ a future,
Perfect present.

Dark-borne diamond-
Born down under,
Dark horse, star-end
Full of wonder!